- Coaching (adults and children)
- Dog assisted coaching (adults and children)
- Assertiveness training with a therapy dog (children between 8 and 12 years old)
- Sessions to reduce fear of dogs (adults and children)
- Workshop child & dog: how to interact in a responsible way with your own or other dogs (children up to 12 years old)
- Visitor dog

Below you’ll find more information about these services. For further questions, feel free to contact me.


Coaching is a personalized, professional accompaniment by a coach of someone who experiences difficulties in daily life and is searching for a way to cope with them. The coach will help you to get insight in your limitations but above all in your strengths and resources that you can use then to obtain a better balance in life. Therefore the coach uses his knowledge, experience and personality. The relation between him and the client is based on equivalence. The coach is not the expert who resolves your problems but helps you to develop your capacities so that you can transform difficulties into challenges. In coaching one focuses on the present to make changes or find solutions for the future. Mostly a few sessions are enough to move forward in life.

Who can benefit from coaching sessions?

Adults and children who:
- feel stressed
- experience social difficulties
- got stuck in emotions
- have fears
- have a low self-esteem
- need someone to talk to
- …

This list is definitely not complete. If you doubt whether coaching can be useful to you or your child, just contact me so that we can evaluate the demand together.

Price: 65 euros/hour

Dog Assisted Coaching

In this kind of coaching the dog plays an important role. By accomplishing tasks with the dog (for example walking a route with obstacles or learning a trick) or by the mere presence of the dog, the client will learn things about himself and his environment. The coach will help the client to link what happens during the session to his daily life. Thereby the client will become aware of his emotions, reactions and of his influence on others. This awareness will allow the client to experiment and find reactions that fit him better and increase his self-confidence. Dog assisted coaching is a non-directive technique. The client is seen as an expert of himself, of his emotions and behavior, which makes him find his own solutions. The coach only guides the process. A few sessions are often enough for the client to find responses to his/her questions.

Why do I work with dogs?

Dogs are very sensitive animals. They capture emotions and tensions before we are aware of them. Dogs don’t judge and accept us the way we are. Their playfulness makes the session enjoyable and very attractive for children. It also plays a role in sessions with adults because it makes people smile and “lightens up” the session. We, humans, tend to hold on to the past or worry about the future. Dogs live in the present, a lesson we can learn from them.

Who can benefit from dog assisted coaching?

Dog Assisted Coaching can be useful for everyone (adults and children) who experiences difficulties in daily life and would like to deal more efficiently with them. You only need an affinity for dogs or a curiosity towards them.
Examples of difficulties are:
- a lack of self-confidence
- an argument with a colleague
- social problems
- not knowing how to say “no”
- anxiety
- stress
- negative emotions
- …

This list is definitely not complete. If you doubt whether dog assisted coaching can be useful to you or your child just contact me and we will et evaluate it together.

After a coaching session, the dog needs time to discharge of all the emotions he captured. He can work for maximum two or three hours a day. Therefore the price of this kind of coaching is somewhat higher.

Price: 85 euros/hour

Assertiveness training with a therapy dog

What is assertiveness?

By assertiveness we mean being able to stand up for yourself without treating others with disrespect or causing damages to them. You are able to indicate your limits and to take into account those of other people. You also know your qualities and can accept compliments. An assertive person is self-assured and confident without being aggressive. He can recognize and control his feelings and dares to have his own opinion. An assertive child can be independent but also knows when to ask for help.
Some children are naturally more assertive than others but education and training also have a big influence. Assertiveness is something that can be learned.

Who can benefit from the assertiveness training?

Every child can benefit because the development of assertiveness never stops. However children who have low self-esteem, who have difficulties making decisions and/or find it hard to stand up for themselves can benefit the most of these sessions. Often these children don’t feel connected to others. They are shy and find it hard to express their opinion. Often their body language doesn’t match with their inner world. Avoiding eye contact is frequent.They aren’t aware of the fact that attitude is important in communication and can affect others reactions. Unfortunately children with low assertiveness are often left out. This leads to self-fulfilling prophecies.

Concretely, the assertiveness training can help children who
- have low self-esteem
- experience social difficulties
- don’t dare to give their opinion
- feel insecure in new situations
- don’t dare to play with others
- …

This list is definitely not complete. If you doubt whether assertiveness training can help your child just contact me so that we can evaluate together.

What does the assertiveness training provide?

The training consists of 8 sessions during 8 consecutive weeks. Depending on the size of the group, the sessions last for 60 or 90 minutes. In small groups (2-4 children) the children get the possibility to enhance their assertiveness by doing exercises with the dog.

First of all it’s important that children get to know themselves and believe in the value they bring. They’ll learn to recognize their emotions and pay attention to body language. The training aims to have a positive influence on their self-esteem and will learn them to live life with confidence. The focus is on experiencing: children learn by acting. The dog, who doesn’t judge, gives them the opportunity to try out different behaviors. In a pleasant and relaxed environment they will experience that they are good the way they are. The dog, that is always itself, accepts everyone and lives in the present, acts as an important tutor. The behavior of the children will have an influence on the dog that sometimes reflects our feelings.

It’s also possible to do the assertiveness training individually. It will then consist of 5 sessions of 50 minutes.

In the weeks before the beginning of the training, there will be an intake with the parents and the child. In this intake we can discuss the difficulties and your expectations. After the eight group or the five individual sessions a new appointment with parents and child will be made to evaluate the influence of the training.

Price for 8 group sessions + intake + evaluation: 350 euros

Price for 5 individual sessions + intake + evaluation: 450 euros

Sessions to reduce fear of dogs
(adults and children)

Are you panicking when you encounter a dog in the streets? Does the mere sight of a dog at distance cause distress? Do you avoid going to a friend’s house because they have a dog?
Then you are probably suffering from cynophobia, also called fear of dogs. It’s an uncontrollable fear often caused by a traumatic encounter in the past. It can have a big negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Because there are so many dogs it’s nearly impossible to avoid them and even the prospect of passing a dog can already cause panic. This fear is often not understood by others for whom their dog is their best friend.
Unpredictability plays a key role in cynophobia. Not knowing how the dog will react, makes him unpredictable and gives us the feeling of losing control over the situation. Unfortunately, the behavior of someone who’s afraid (running away, freezing, starring…) is strange for the dog that’s going to react to it. This causes even more fear.

To cope with cynophobia it’s important to be aware of the signals you emit to the dog and to have a basic knowledge of dog language. When people feel that they can control a situation, their fear will diminish. Of course it’s also necessary to face the feeling of fear.

How can I help you to get rid of your fear?

During the intake we will get to know each other. I will ask you to talk about your fear and the impact it has on your life. Together we will assess if my approach meets your expectations. To overcome the fear, exposure is important. But first we will canalize your fear by talking, watching pictures and video’s. I’ll teach you basic dog behavior.
Together we will work very progressively towards an encounter with my dogs. First you’ll meet the small one, then the bigger. First at a distance, then closer.

My dogs will never be present without your permission! You’re the guide and will decide when you’re ready for the next step!

You need courage to overcome your fears, but the freedom that results, makes your efforts worthwhile.

Price: 75 euros/hour

Workshop child and dog: how to interact in a responsible way with dogs

Dogs are ideal companions for children. Their playfulness and the fact that they don’t judge, makes them very attractive. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Sometimes children get bitten because the dog doesn’t understand their intentions and signals. That’s why it’s very important to teach children how to interact with dogs.

This workshop is useful as well for children who have a dog as for them who don’t because dogs are omnipresent in our society. In small groups of maximum four children we’ll examine the behavior of dogs. What does the child has to pay attention to? How can he behave when the dog is present? What should he avoid? How can child and dog play safely together? First we’ll work with a plush dog. Then one of my dogs will be present. The children can decide whether they want to participate actively or prefer to observe. Depending on the number of children, the workshop will last for 50 or 90 minutes.

This workshop can also be booked individually.

Price group: 40 euros

Price individual: 60 euros/hour

Visitor dog

Are you looking for company and do you like dogs? Then maybe you would like to appeal to my visitor dog service…

A visitor dog is a dog that visits, together with his master, people who are often alone at home because of age, illness, handicap, exclusion… The dog brings joy, distraction and comfort.

I can visit you with one of my dogs at your home or we can go for a walk together.

Price: 35 euros/30min

55 euros/60 min

Beyond 8km from Lorentzweiler, a fixed cost of 0,50€/km is added.