Who am I?

Natascha Van der Eecken

My name is Natascha Van der Eecken. I grew up in Luxembourg but I have the Belgian nationality. Besides my native language, Dutch, I am fluent in French and English. I also have some basis knowledge in German and Italian.

Animals, and especially dogs, have always fascinated me. At the age of ten I got my first dog, Loona, a West Highland White Terrier. I learned to take care of dogs and I experienced the positive influence of them in daily life. Loona gave me love, pleasure and comfort. She was present in good and bad moments.

Beside my passion for dogs, I am interested in human psychology. That’s why I studied psychology and learned a lot about emotions, relations and the development of children. But for me one aspect was missing in the program: the benefits of animals to human health. It was above all during my internship at a mental health center, where I worked with children with emotional and behavior problems, that I learned that animals could play a key role in their treatment.

Immediately after finishing my master studies in psychology, I specialized in dog assisted coaching. I am still following courses about canine behavior and the human-canine relationship.

My trainings

2008-2011: bachelor in psychology
(K.U.Leuven, Belgium)

2011-2014: master in clinical psychology, major children and adolescents
(K.U.Leuven, Belgium)

2014-2015: dog assisted coaching
(Pets4care, Doorn, Netherlands)

2016: “Kinder coachopleiding”, dog assisted coaching for children
(Pets4Care, Doorn, Netherlands)

Workshops I followed

*9/16 "Combiworkshop wijze lessen van de hond en natuurlijk leiderschap"
("Coachen met honden", Netherlands)

*9/16 "Systemisch coachen met honden"
("Coachen met honden", Netherlands)

*5/16 “Intuïtie in Bloei” at Take the Leash

* 4/16 “Leerbijeenkomst Toepasbaarheid van het Kernkwadrant in coaching met honden” at Coachen met Honden

* 1/16 “Hersenwerk voor honden” at Hond InZicht

*11/15 “Netwerkbijeenkomst”
(“Coachen met Honden”, Netherlands)

*2014-2016 “therapiedierbegeleider”: training is still going on
(Toscanzahoeve, Booischot, Belgium)

My Dogs

Currently I have three young dogs: Baila, Loovi and Dolce.


My Labrador Baila is born on the 12th of November 2015. She loves food so she does almost everything to get a biscuit. Baila is a calm dog that also likes new challenges. She seduces people by her cuteness. Despite her young age she has a wise look. Playing with a ball, searching for an object, pulling a rope…are activities she likes.


Loovi is an épaneul nain continental papillon born on the 6th of November 2015. Despite her small size she has a lot of energy and knows how to get your attention. Loovi is a joyful, curious dog. She loves to play with children and they love her. She also likes to lie on your lap and get cuddles.


Dolce is an Australian shepherd. She is born on the 1st of July 2014. Dolce is a very intelligent dog that needs mental activity. She also likes to go for a walk. Dolce is dynamic but also very sensitive and loves hugs. At first contact with strangers she needs time to adapt but when she trusts you, she faithfully follows you everywhere.

Sniffle & Hugs

Beside therapeutic work with my dogs, I also use my rabbits for sessions.

In Memoriam Vita

In Memoriam Loona